Screenshot of the PHP live chat

PHP chat script

Ever wondered how you can create an instant feedback-loop with your website's visitors? VisitorChat is the answer. This easy-to-use PHP chat script has all the features you would possibly need. Best of all: there are .

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Screenshot of the PHP chat's Windows-based client

Includes Windows client

In addition to a web-based operator-interface, VisitorChat also comes with a native Windows-based client. This way, you can start talking to your visitors from your desktop's system-tray.

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Screenshot of the cross-domain functionality

Works cross-site

The chat was developed with cross-domain functionality in mind. You can install the PHP chat on one central server and then include it in as many of your sites as you like.

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The PHP Live Chat. Handles any browser.

VisitorChat was developed to run and tested on all major browsers. This means that, no matter what browser your visitors are using, they will all have the same live chat experience.

Cross-Domain Live Chat in PHP. Works on multiple sites!

The PHP live support Chat was developed to work across domains. This is possible by leveraging the power of JSONP and cross-domain AJAX. Have one central PHP chat server and include it in all of your WordPress, Joomla!, Magento or plain HTML sites!

Buy it now - no recurring costs. For only $30, one-off.

Unlike chat services, there are no recurring fees. For a one-off, one-time fee of $30, the chat is your's to install and run on your own server. All you need to have is hosting that fulfils the minimum requirements.